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A New Committee Born

Text Law Siak Hong
Photographs James Gough

The 13th Annual General Meeting was a disappointment – there was no quorum.

Nevertheless, our special guest, Kenneth Wong presented his talk on cultural landscape. Judging from the active participation in the Q&A session that followed, it was enthusiastically received.

But without quorum, the AGM had to be re-convened quickly to elect a new committee. Quick action was taken to arrange a new venue, and extra effort was made to invite the members. Our Hon Sec James even contacted all the voting members by phone and email to urge them to attend the AGM. This time, we achieved the numbers. On the evening of 6th April, in a function room at the Perak Golf Club, we dutifully elected the new committee from the members in attendance.


Missing from the photograph is, of course, the photographer, Hon Sec James.

In his opening remarks, out-going president Mohd Taib congratulated the efforts of Han Chin Pet Soo and Ho Yan Hor, two history interpretation centres in Ipoh Old Town. He expressed the wish that Ipoh will see similar efforts which showcase the Malay and Indian communities in Ipoh.

Significantly, Mohd Taib pointed out the down side of UNESCO listing, “hastening the loss of hometown character to hyper-commercialisation”. A fair warning, indeed, as we witness the effect of increased tourism on Penang and Melaka post inscription as UNESCO world heritage sites.

He applauded initiatives such as Ipoh Kreatif, Borak Art Youth and The Other Festival, efforts supported by the state government, for bringing life to Ipoh through culture and the arts.

He mentioned the encouraging effort by Nor Hisham, our new committee member, in having drafted a heritage map which focuses on street names in Ipoh Old Town. He recalled the overwhelming support of young academia in Sawalunto, Sumatra and appealed to younger members to come forward and serve in the PHS committee.


Voting in progress

The new committee was quick off the mark; five days later, they met to decide on the office bearers. There was renewed enthusiasm with a determination to activate a programme for members, highlighting membership drive and outreach to the community of heritage lovers in Perak.

So, PHS members and the general public are in for some high profile activities. To succeed, many volunteers will be required. When you read our appeal for help, do not hesitate to join in the fun and do your bit for PHS.


New line-up for 2016-2018: Front row (l-r) Phillip Pu (Honorary Treasurer), Mohd Taib bin Mohamed (President), Jaki Mamat (Vice President) and James Gough (Honorary Secretary). Back row (l-r) Committee members: Law Siak Hong, Audrey Shanta, Jayakumary a/p Marimuthu, Sam Tan and Mohd Tajuddin bin Mohd Tahi. Not in photo: Nor Hisham bin Zulkiflee, and Meor Harun bin Meor Osman.




The 13th Annual General Meeting, 2016

of the
Perak Heritage Society

will be held on
26th March, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. 

at Sarong Paloh Event Hall,
No.12 & 14, Jalan Sultan Iskandar
(Hugh Low Street), 30000 Ipoh.


  1. President’s Address
  2. Minutes of the 12th Annual General Meeting
  3. Annual Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Election of Office Bearers.
  6. Any Other Matters
  7. Post AGM

“Cultural Landscapes” by Kenneth Wong

  • Renew your membership before the AGM, so you can vote.
  • Non-members are welcome as observers – why not sign up for membership?
  • Come enjoy the power point presentation by Kenneth Wong, PhD.
  • Tea and refreshments will be served.
  • Meeting will end before 5:30.


Mohd Taib Mohamed

President’s Address at the AGM 2015

Mohd Taib, James Gough and Philip Pu at the AGM

With the formation of the National Heritage Department through National Heritage Act 2005 (Act 645), non-governmental organisations like us seem redundant. The same fate has fallen on Badan Warisan Malaysia, its voice becomes stifled. Yet, PHS and NGOs like us have remained relevant.

Other than the National Heritage Act 2005, there are legislations that cover heritage matters in Malaysia. The Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) and Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) both emphasize heritage preservation. However, along the way, in implementations, they slip up.

In Ipoh, there are 25 buildings/monuments/sites which are gazetted as “state” heritage through the Local Government Act 1976. However, to date, only a handful has been listed as national heritage under the National Heritage Act.

On 8th September 1999, through the Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan, that is, state exco meeting (No. 1348), the Perak state government declared Taiping a heritage town. Only a handful of its “33 firsts” have been listed as national heritage under The National Heritage Act 2005, and some of them have fallen to the ground. Recently, when Taiping launched the Taiping Heritage Trail, prominence was given to two electric buses donated by the Japanese government rather than the sites; the buses will provide transport to tourists on the route.

In Karai, the Victoria railway bridge will suffer the same fate of neglect. I have witnessed at least three events organised at the site, yet no effort has been taken to preserve it under The National Heritage Act although officers from National Heritage Department were present at the events.

Last year, PHS was consulted on Ipoh’s heritage by both MBI (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) and the Department of Town And Country Planning Malaysia. Sadly, we have not been informed on the outcome.

The old issue of vandalism at the pre-historic rock art at Gunung Panjang, Tambun was exposed by the Malay Mail recently. We have yet to see action by the relevant authorities.

There is a tree preservation order under the Town and Country Planning Act. The National Landscape Department has documented heritage trees under Tree Inventory System (2008-2010). Trees that are more than 30 years old would be preserved, and 1,220 heritage trees in Perak have been listed. As such, the Ipoh tree (near Ipoh Railway Station) is value at RM123,735.60; Pokok Hujan-Hujan along Jalan Seenivasagam Ipoh, 120-years-old, at RM1,301,900.98 and those at Taiping Lake Garden which are 125-years-old have been rated at RM1,068,712.84.

PHS acknowledges the initiative from the private sector, including Town House Museum in Taiping and Han Chin Pet Soo in Ipoh by Ipohworld. I hope that there will be more private initiatives and that the state authorities will give them due recognition.

Lately I have rendered help to two PhD candidates, three Master degree students and one undergraduate on their theses, all of them relate to heritage. I was appointed as “Felo Industries” by Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah in Sabak Bernam, Selangor for 2014-2016.

I would like to thank all members of the PHS community for their support in making PHS relevant to the struggle to preserve our heritage.

Thank you.

Mohd Taib Mohamed gifting tokens of appreciation to Dr Olanweraju Ashola Abdullateef

Mohd Taib Mohamed gifting tokens of appreciation to Sam Tan

Mohd Taib Mohamed gifting tokens of appreciation to Law Siak Hong

Sam Tan delivering his power point presentation


The façade of venue for AGM: Sarang Paloh Event Hall, Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), Ipoh.



th May 2015

2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

ang Paloh Event Hall
No. 12 & 14, Jalan Sultan Iskandar
(Hugh Low Street, Old Town),
30000 Ipoh.

Please register
your intent to attend the AGM. For details, see below.


  1. President’s Address
  2. Minutes of the 11th Annual General Meeting
  3. Annual Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Proposed review / amendments to PHS Constitution

5.1 Term of Office of office bearers:
The term of office for the post of President will be for 2 terms.

5.2 Voting:
Future voting will be secret ballot as against a show of hands.

  1. Any other matters


  1. “Understanding Heritage” by Sam Tan, UTAR Kampar Campus
  2. “Maintaining Buildings” by Dr Olanrewaju Abdullateef, UTAR Kampar Campus
  3. “Charcoal Industry of Coastal Perak” by Law Siak Hong, PHS Vice President


  • Members may renew their 2015 membership on the day.
  • Only Life and Ordinary Members may vote at the AGM.
  • Non-members may attend the AGM as observers. Why not sign up as member?
  • Light refreshments will be served.

To help us plan the catering, please register your intent to attend the AGM by emailing to or phone Hong: 0175061875.

Thank you.  

A New PHS Committee is Born

Photos by Law Siak Hong and James Gough

The spacious hall – setting the mood for smooth proceedings at the Annual General Meeting

The 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Perak Heritage Society (PHS) went smoothly and the new committee for 2014-2015 duly elected. For those who missed it, here’s a summary, and some photographs of the proceedings.

As members and guests arrived, the atmosphere of anticipation was palpable. The AGM got underway soon after the appointed time. Because of the lack of quorum, the meeting was adjourned and, accordingly, reconvened half-an-hour later.

James, Phillip and Mohd Taib – duties at the registration table

Browsing at the table books produced by the Department of Town and Country Planning

In his address, out-going president, Mohd Taib bin Mohamed expressed pride in PHS winning the state Tourism Award. But it was Advocacy, the keynote of his address which resonated.

“… Advocacy is an eight-letter word. It is disheartening that it is not only the community and government who lack understanding of heritage but we, members of PHS sometimes overlook the tenet of heritage. As such the new PHS committee will need to look seriously at heritage advocacy… For three years I have attended the state’s pre-budget dialogue sessions. Proposals for the state to provide incentive for heritage building owners and to create fund for heritage conservation works and research into our heritage had all fallen on deaf ears.”

Left: Mohd Taib delivering committee report. Right: Votes counted.

Sook Mei taking count of votes during the election of committee members

After both the management report and the financial report were adopted, the old committee stood down. The election followed. Out of twelve nominees, eleven were voted in, while the remaining was designated Honorary Auditor. Immediately after the AGM was adjourned, the new committee met briefly to appoint the office bearers. By consensus, status quo was maintained. For the names of the office bearers and committee members, see Information at the end of this summary.

As the hanging of the exhibition at Sepaloh Art Centre was still in progress, the preview had to be cancelled. We could not risk taking the heritage walk while rain threatened to fall. We wish for understanding if there was any disappointment.

As we were preparing to leave, Liz Cardosa of Badan Warisan Malaysia walked into the hall, having come straight from a meeting in KL. She might be late but her effort said much for her support for PHS.

A final word about the venue for our AGM: Sarang Paloh Event Hall is housed in the historic Bank of Malaya, built in 1920. The spacious hall was well presented for the AGM and, somehow, the sandwiches and cup cakes matched the feel of the place.


Attendance: 23 members & 7 guests/observers:
Life members = 6
Ordinary members = 16
Associate member = 1

Committee office bearers and members (2014-2015):

President: Mohd Taib bin Mohamed

Vice President: Law Siak Hong

Honorary Secretary: James Gough

Honorary Treasurer: Phillip Pu Yoke Loong

Committee Members:

Charlie Choong (new)
Peggy Lim (new)
Mohd JakiMamat
Jayakumary ap Marimuthu (new)
Gurmail Singh
Tajuddin bin Tahir
Sam Tan Seong Yeow (new)

Honorary Auditor:
Iris Cheng

Annual General Meeting 2014

The façade of venue for AGM: Sarang Paloh Event Hall, Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), Ipoh.

The façade of venue for AGM: Sarang Paloh Event Hall, Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), Ipoh.

(An open letter)

RE : Annual General Meeting 2014

Dear members,

It’s that time of the year again! The 11th edition of PHS AGM provides yet another annual session for the gathering of members and friends.

PHS members would have received the Notice of Meeting by mail. For our friends and supporters, some key information below:

26th Apri, 2014
2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sarang Paloh Event Hall

No.12 & 14, Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), Ipoh

Light refreshments will be provided.

Sponsor for the event: Miss Peggy Lim 

This year we will be having election of office bearers for 2014-2015. We urge you to attend the AGM to show your support for your Society. Why not take up the challenge, stand for election and join the PHS Committee, the work team? By the way, you may also renew your membership at the AGM.

There are two post-AGM programmes of great interest:

1. A special preview of FACES OF IPOH, an exhibition at Sepaloh Art Centre.

2. A walk in Old Town to assess recent development – a chance for you to share your feelings about heritage conservation in Ipoh Old Town.


Your friends and non-members may attend our AGM as observers. Please register your intent to join us with Siak Hong email: or phone 0175061875 by 22nd April as we need to update the caterer the number we expect at the AGM.


Your president,

Mohd Taib bin Mohamed

More than an Annual General Meeting

By Law Siak Hong

The meeting room for the AGM

Because of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the nearly-completed shophouse No.24 on Panglima Lane got a last minute clean-up for the occasion. The different levels built into the interior were adapted to our needs. In this flowing space, the AGM felt like a minor cultural event.

What a difference professionals made to the quality of our lives. Our gratitude to Nick, for hanging the photographs and making cosy the setting for our AGM; and to Zemang, for setting up the video installation and perfecting the synchronisation. The video installation was the conversation piece. The photographs were much appreciated, even though they had to be viewed in available light. The high tea by Pakeeza Restaurant was more than satisfying; most of us had multiple servings.

Despite our effort to inject interest in this annual gathering for members, the AGM, again, did not get a quorum; it was concluded in the presence of observers and invited guests who out-numbered our members two to one. I hope more members will come to the AGM next year to form the new Management Committee. For the absentees, read below what you have missed.

Hayati Mokhtar:  Video Installation:  “No.55, Main Road”

From ground to the level of the video installation

About the video maker: Hayati Mokhtar studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design (B.A Hons) and Goldsmiths’ College, University of London (M.A). She lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She utilizes the moving image in examining places and landscapes. Her video installations have been shown in Malaysia and internationally.

The video installation with bio-data of Hayati Mokhtar

About the video: Shot in full HD, “No.55, Main Road” infers the address of a century-old shophouse in Kampong Kepayang which is the home of 87-year-old “Uncle” Chang Ching. Consisting of one main road, the trunk road between Simpang Pulai and Gopeng, south of Ipoh, the fate of this virtual ghost town is sealed by the dominating, fast and incessant flow of traffic which besieges the shophouses. Hayati observes, “The sound of traffic is there, always.” The three-channel 17-minute video appears on three LED screens, played continuously, with a sound track of passing traffic and two of Uncle Chang Ching’s favourite classic Mandarin pop songs. The video portrays Uncle and invokes the historical cultural landscapes of the tin mining towns of Perak. Of her work, Hayati writes:

“The truth is bleak: soon, the town that one sees now may not exist at all. The District Council considers these two rows of old shophouses structurally unstable and therefore unsafe both for inhabitants and passers-by. In 2010, when the video was made, they have been marked for demolition, under Section 83 of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974. The overriding motivation behind this move is: the trunk road needs to be widened again. There is a chance that one row will be saved on the side opposite Uncle’s shophouse, given the presence of the mosque at the end of the row. And the Malay village and orchards near the Raia River will be spared. But the coherence of Kampung Kepayang, built up over more than a century, will be gone. Some of the townsfolk are resigned to the loss of this place; others don’t really care. As for Uncle Chang Ching, who has lived here for 50 years, he is determined to stay put and live out what remain of his days.

“The work is spread across three screens: one shows a long tracking-shot across the fronts of shophouses; the centre screen is a static shot of Uncle’s living room, open to the road; the third screen reveals details of this living room, and of spaces to the rear of it that are glimpsed down a passage. By reading horizontally across the screens, one image can broaden the understanding of another – and there is a sense of concurrency as well as sequence, forming a diffuse narrative. For instance: in one screen, notices telling the occupants to quit their building are posted; this contrasts with, in another screen, the air of long-standing permanence in the ordered clutter of Uncle’s possessions and photographs – treasured souvenirs and left-over stock of valves and resistors from the days he ran a radio and TV repair business.

“Uncle’s stubborn attachment to his home and the town so familiar to him is an act of resistance to the dictates of a short-sighted bureaucracy that is acting to facilitate supposed progress. In shophouse No.55 joss-sticks are lit while a kettle boils; the key is in its usual place by the back door. Yet, what remains of the next shophouse is only a facade. Further down the street there are more abandoned buildings: strangely beautiful and melancholy structures that are littered with remnants of belongings, photographs and altars – and with staircases that persist simply as a pattern running up a wall. Each of them invites us to construct an imagined past although some of them offer more clues than others.

“Less pervasively, less overbearingly, there are the reflections of the traffic. Flickers of light are cast on the scene by passing cars and lorries as they hurtle along the road that cuts through this one-street town.

“This work emerges from my preoccupation with the ‘hold’ that places can have over us – be it a hometown or a house. Perhaps, this is because they epitomize our desire for a sense of belonging and continuity as we are forced to reconcile with a modernity that appears not to accommodate such needs. ‘No.55, Main Road’ focuses upon the transition, the process during which ‘a place becomes a space’. But here we see in juxtaposition both the persistence of the personal realm, the daily ritual and its fragility up against the ungovernable forces of the outside world, and indeed, up against neighbouring shop-lots that have already succumbed to dereliction.”

Looking down to the video installation from the upper level

We have good news for you: Hayati’s next video installation on the Falim House is a work in progress. I heard that it will involve twenty-eight screens. Falim House should have been a “national heritage”. For its relevance to Perak, PHS will do its best to bring the world premiere of this work of art to Ipoh. To do that, PHS will need your volunteer power and financial support. What a challenge that will be.

Alan Ng:  Photographs:  The Falim House

The servery on the ground level with Alan Ng’s photographs hung in the space of the old shelvings

About the photographer: Born and bred in the sleepy yet famous tin mining town of Sungei Lembing, Pahang, Alan Ng spent much of his childhood roaming the nearby forest, fishing in the river, improvising toys and inventing games. From this outdoor pastime, he developed a love for heritage and old things, and an enduring passion for photography. His love for nature and jungle trekking remains, and the rainforest is a recurrent theme in his photographs.

He works exclusively in black-and-white photography, with a Hasselblad. Over the years, his pursuit of photography has also helped him make a living: he prints off traditional silver gelatin glass plates and negatives, often for artists and professionals such as Soraya Talismail and Raja Zainol Ihsan Shah, custodian of Sultan Ismail’s collection of photographs.

His photographs have been exhibited at Sutra House, Kuala Lumpur. He has also helped curate various group exhibitions, notably “Never-ending Peace and Love”.

A pair of photographs with religious subjects

He never quite embraced the digital revolution. Instead, he daydreams and follows the dictates of his own rhythm to produce beautiful monochromatic prints of evocative, memorable images to fill the void in a world given to instantaneous and often throw-away colour imagery.

About the photographs: Alan Ng is a poet. Through his lens and by his hands, images become stunningly beautiful photographs, printed on silver gelatin fine art paper. His photo-prints are archival; they will last a hundred years, and in optimal condition, a hundred more.

Three photographs in a row

Alan explored the Falim House. Looking into every nook and corner in every room, taking pleasure in the rich textures presented by the abandoned objects and relying on available light, he composed selectively. He saw objects with layers of dirt and vines creeping into the building. He says, “It was as if they wanted to talk to me.”

With these photographs, Alan has preserved for posterity the melancholy Falim House in evocative and, definitely, saddening images.

Photographs on upper level outside the meeting room

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